Sunday, September 13, 2009

The New Life Force

Originally written - 22nd August 2009

Where once there was at times beauty in the fragility of life, now there is beauty in the strength of a new life force. A life force that now permeates the very essence and core of who we really are. The magnificence of a creational dynamic miraculous being who by the their very presence emanates this beauty.

There is a new voice now, a new song is sung in all the universes and on all the planets, and a new indomitable frequency flows through the depths breadths and vastness of us and life itself. We are a people now who can stand tall in the galactic arena and be recognised for the force that has always been before unseen, unrecognised. We can now speak and be heard, we can now be the full expression of the totality of the all, and merge with the totality of life force.

The two forces that originate from the same source are unified in a sustainable perpetual motion that ignites the passion in the hearts of all now who breath the same magic in. It can no longer be silenced. Like Genesis it’s perpetual exponential qualities create abundance for all on all imaginary levels.

As the silvery sparkly white dust swirls and lands on our planet, our earth too becomes the totality of all it can be. As we become sustainable so too does our earth. The furthest reaches of our depths and the furthest reaches of our vastness meld and merge in a magical dance of creation, through us and through the earth. The graceful power and the sustainable strength that this is, sparks forth the new being. The ecstatic exquisite joy that then follows expresses itself in full measure for the first time.

The deep eternal life force re-recognises the vast cosmicious conscious life force and the two forces spiral up and down through the core of our being changing the very fabric of who we are. Once touched by this, by allowing it to flow through us and be expressed by us in all our unique majestic ways, we are changing the world. The expression of which has never been seen before.

A legend is made and a new lineage has begun!

Brilliant Moments spent with Brilliant Beings!

Originally written - 9th August 2009

The unfolding of yet another gracious journey.

We were six Mega Beings revelling in a full day of energetics and beyond! We had played in the energy all day, and for all of us it was a life changing, cell changing, being changing experience.

When the focus was placed toward myself, what unfolded and that what followed, will joyfully abide in my cells forever.

In my vision came the wondrous view of the cosmos. It wasn’t long before I could see, to my amazement, a whale emerging from what appeared to be a cosmic womb, passing through a cosmic portal. The whale with full consciousness began to travel graciously from the cosmos to our oceans. It had such a knowing gentle smile and eyes which seemed to be full of star lights.

On its journey the whale paused for a moment as if to acknowledge me. It came towards me and my hands began to involuntarily rise up. As this occurred the whale tipped her head to one side, and one sparkling magnificent tear spilled from her eye and landed directly in the centre of my right palm. At this stage a sort of symbiotic relationship stirred between us. We were in a magnetic dance with one another that drew us into a magical space where nothing else seemed to exist. During this dance she gently tilted her head to the other side, and one tear fell from the other eye into my left palm. I stood mesmerised looking into my palms, then looking up into the eyes of deep knowing, gentleness and power, and I knew I had been gifted something eternal.

These two tears danced and integrated themselves into my being and it felt like every aspect of me had just been amped up mega fold. The two blue flames that were once placed in my hands were touched by this experience. The silver thread like presence, the gold fluidic presence, and more recently a translucent moon like presence have also all been touched by this experience. Every nuance of my being swam with delight. To this day it still feels like as soon as I engage with it, it becomes activated and very soon my being is full power on. You could say it is a perpetual sustainable energy with its own consciousness and knowing, living symbiotically within me. Together we are able to work alongside energy, to manifest wonder and magic upon this beautiful planet. It feels like we are connected in a co-creational magical dance.

The moment came when we both knew she was to complete her journey to the ocean. This she did with effortless ease and grace, and with a unified knowing that at any time we may meet on any level, at any moment for any purpose. It created in me a knowing of a promise fulfilled, and the availability of this for one and all.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

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